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    Reduce Hazards with Anti-Stat Drum and Pail Liner Choices

    Static electricity is not just the annoyance that zaps your finger, makes your hair stand on end, ...

    CDF exhibiting flexible packaging at the PPC Spring Meeting

    CDF Corporation exhibiting flexible packaging for pails, drums and IBCs and the Smart Pail™ plastic pail replacement system at the International Dairy Show

    CDF Corporation, a leading manufacturer of drum, pail, intermediate bulk container and bag in box ...

    Keeping your Fluids Cleaner

    The EZ-Strainer for 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon pails are the more efficient way to produce, ...

    CDF announces replacement for rigid pails

    In an effort to create a sustainable replacement for rigid pails, CDF Corporation, the leading ...

    CDF EZ-Strainer used in agricultural & automotive markets

    CDF Corporation, the leading manufacturer of drum, pail, and intermediate bulk container liners and ...
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