Plastic Economy Report Highlights Continuing Push toward Sustainable Packaging Materials

    By 2050, the world's oceans could have more plastic, by weight, than fish—if something is not done ...

    Bulk Container Liner Industry Positioned for Growth through 2024

    The bulk container packaging industry helps facilitate the safe, efficient packaging and transport ...

    Reducing Your Environmental Footprint with Sustainable Packaging Materials

    Flexible food packaging is no mere trend, and it is more than just convenient for you and the end ...

    Sustainability Checklist Highlights Ways to Reduce Packaging Waste In Processing

    The packaging industry, product processing companies, and retailers have a shared duty to protect ...

    How Continuing FDA Scrutiny of Food Additives Affects Food Packaging Choices

    Additives have always been a tricky part of commercial food formulating, processing, and packaging.
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