CDF announces replacement for rigid pails

    In an effort to create a sustainable replacement for rigid pails, CDF Corporation, the leading manufacturer of drum, pail and intermediate bulk container liners and flexible packaging, has developed the Smart Pail, an environmentally-friendly liner-in-box system.  The Smart Pail consists of a light-weight, cubed shaped liner designed for use with a 100% recyclable corrugate overpack.  The Smart Pail provides a significant cost-savings opportunity for the user by reducing input energy and maximizing overall efficiencies without sacrificing the quality and reliability required of pail systems. 

    The Smart Pail can be seamlessly integrated into existing single and multi-head filling lines, providing companies a means to increase profit and promote sustainable business practice.  The pail liner weighs 87% less than a rigid pail, allowing the customer to maximize energy efficiencies and productivity rates.  In terms of energy savings, one truckload of empty Smart Pails is equal to 5 truckloads of empty rigid pails.  This reduces inbound transportation costs, fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, while maximizing inventory space.  

    Due to its cubed construction, the Smart Pail is able to achieve one extra skidded layer over rigid pails, equating to 33% more product-per-pallet.  The corrugate container is 100% recyclable and the liner, made from high-density polyethylene, has recycle code 2 certification.  And, at the end of use, the Smart Pail occupies 76% less space in landfills than rigid pails.

    “In today’s business climate, it is becoming all the more important to be cost-effective and environmentally-conscious,” says CDF Chief Operating Officer Laura Beechwood.  “The Smart Pail is a revolutionary product that will cut costs, help drive future business growth, and improve company environmental efforts – creating an all-around smart system.”

    Two different lidding options are available for the Smart Pail.  For users handling products that need to maintain freshness or storing capacity, the Smart Pail can be hermetically sealed with a wide range of film structures, creating an air-tight, tamper-proof seal to ensure product purity.  For users that require quick turnaround for their product, the Smart Pail can be used with a snap-on lid to increase the ease of use when filling and emptying the product. 

    The Smart Pail is designed for use with thick viscous products which are traditionally packed in steel or plastic pails such as paints, inks, cosmetic compounds, drywall mud, roof sealants, powders and flakes. 

      The Smart Pail is one of many innovative products in flexible packaging technology offered by CDF.  Such innovations have included the Cheer Pack®, Cheertainer® bag-in-box, EZ-Strainer™ inserts for drums and pails and Air-Assist™ IBC liners.

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