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    Customized Flexible Packaging Design Options Drive Demand

    Did you know that one of the major trends in packaging today is the shift by manufacturers from ...

    Six Advantages of Pillow IBC Bags

    Some bulk bags are pillows, and they can help plant managers rest easy.

    Achieve Sustainability and Cost Savings with High-Quality Drum Liners

    When it comes to problems with drums, liners can hold the line.

    Is Inflatable Flexible Packaging Right for Your Brand?

    Inflatable packaging is blowing up.

    Flexible Food Packaging Trends to Watch in 2018

    Flexible film packaging is still trending up and shows no indication of slowing down. That aligns ...

    4 Key Flexible Packaging Factors that Ensure Food Safety

    Food safety requires protective materials and processes working in concert to keep food fresh ...
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