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    Top Trends in Flexible Food and Beverage Packaging

    Flexible packaging is evolving almost as fast as films roll off the machinery. For the food and ...

    6 Reasons Flexible Packaging Market Will Reach $202 Billion within Five Years

    New research into the flexible packaging industry shows dramatic growth is still ahead. According ...

    How Do UN Hazardous Transport Regulations Compare to US Shipping Standards?

    Whether shipping within the United States or abroad, hazardous materials or HAZMAT goods are a ...

    Exploring the Role of Antimicrobial Agents in Flexible Packaging

    Whether it happens on your watch or in the hands of the end user, spoilage is waste. It wastes ...

    Ensuring Compliance with UN Transport Standards in the Chemical Industry

    Anyone who doubts that flexible intermediate bulk containers can safely be used in any kind of ...
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