5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a UN Packaging Supplier

    UN-certified packaging is a world apart from other packaging materials. It might look the same in ...

    Reducing Risk through Proper Testing of Food Packaging Materials

    From processing to retail to the consumer’s table, responsible food packaging supports food quality ...

    The Art and Science Behind Industrial Packaging

    What makes flexible packaging such a positive choice? Better performance and product innovation, of ...

    5 sustainable packaging trends to watch in 2017

    Companies have shifted their attention to packaging and are realizing the importance of sustainable ...

    Flexible packaging makers react to polymer price rise

    Polymer prices are likely to rise by 10 per cent in the wake of a sharp increase in crude oil ...

    Wrapping up 2016: Packaging Trends to Watch

    Here are some sustainability trends in packaging that we think will gain momentum in 2017:
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