CDF exhibits flexible packaging at Aseptipak

    CDF Corporation, a leading manufacturer of drum, pail and intermediate bulk container liners and flexible packaging, will be attending the 2009 Aseptipak Conference to exhibit CDF’s innovative aseptic bag-in-box, intermediate bulk container liners and single-serve retail pouches, while informing attendees of their aseptic benefits and unique product solutions.

    Aseptipak 2009 will be held October 26-27 at the InterContinental Hotel in Chicago, IL. A global forum on aseptic processing, filling and packaging, the conference will include presentations by industry leaders and showcases of new product developments.

    Representing CDF will be Steve Gosling, Technical Director of New Product Development and Dave Christian, Regional Sales Manager. Gosling, with over 30 years of management experience, has covered a wide array of applications throughout the packaging industry. He is responsible for the areas of product management, engineering and new product development for CDF. Christian has 22 years experience in the industrial plastic container and liner industry and brings with him expertise in new product sales and development within the flexible packaging industry.

    CDF has a wide range of aseptic products to suit the needs of product manufacturers and producers. For large volume operations, CDF’s high-capacity aseptic intermediate bulk container liners provide outstanding performance in critical food applications, such as high and low acid products, tomato, fruit juice and any other food product requiring aseptic packaging.

    The Cheertainer, CDF’s innovative form-fit bag-in-box, provides an aseptic solution to small volume needs. Ranging in size from 5 to 20 liters, the Cheertainer is UN certified and manufactured with CDF1 Smart Seal Technology, ensuring the ultimate reliability of the package.

    CDF’s most recent product addition is the Cheer Pack, a flexible spouted single-serve retail pouch serving the food and beverage, chemical and cosmetic industries. The Cheer Pack is currently being sold throughout Asia and Europe in annual quantities of up to 1.5 billion and has recently made its North American debut. Users requiring aseptic production have the option of gamma ray treatment or oxygen peroxide sanitation to properly cleanse the package. Information on filling equipment, technology and packaging will be readily available in addition to the expertise of CDF representatives.

    CDF will display aseptic solutions and will feature product samples, fitments and other interactive programming at Aseptipak 2009.

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