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    This is one of a series of live blog posts directly from the site of the 2013 IFS World Conference in Barcelona. Business journalist Adam Tinworth is a veteran of Reed Business Information and a lecturer on digital journalism at City University in London. His first-hand impressions are accompanied by illustrations of Matthew Buck, cartoonist for Drawnalism.

    Dan Matthews, CTO, IFS

    Three promises from IFS on mobile:

    1. We’re doing mobile for everyone. The field team, the casual user and the office user.
    2. We’ll make it easy – for the user and for the IT department. The IFS cloud detaches mobile from the need to continually run upgrades.
    3. We’ll be agile. It’s a changing world. Blackberry is being marginalised. Screens are changing fast. We’ll listen, watch and respond.

    Last year was a year of launch and opportunity. We launched, giving you an opportunity. This year is the year of rollouts and results. By 2015, 50% of business applications will be accessed through mobile, says Gartner.

    25% of IFS 8 users have implemented at least one mobile solution. CDF has implemented mobile on the shop floor. They saved supervisors an hour per shift by putting information ion iPods in their pockets. That’s 30 hours per week saved per warehouse.

    EB have to address grounding faults within 28 days. Before they implemented mobile they were at 66 days on average, but after implementing mobile work orders, they’re at 27.

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    Source: IFS blog

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