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    Consumer packaging trends that are impacting the industry

    The five most important consumer packaging trends for today’s market are sustainability, healthy living, convenience, authenticity and cost-effective shopping.


    Consumers are more aware of international environmental issues and are changing their purchasing habits. Consumers are seeking packaging with the recyclable logo on it.

    Healthy living

    Consumers are interested in health and wellness and are looking for the packaging to list the product’s health credentials. Packaging should focus on natural ingredients and formulations.


    Consumers are busy and are looking for on the go, easy to use packaging. Packaging that is smaller, lighter and easily disposed of are ideal for on the go consumption.

    Authenticity and Trust

    Due to global food scandals, consumers are demanding clarity from manufacturers on product traceability.

    Cost-effective shopping

    Consumers are now purchasing product as they run, opposed to purchasing product in advance and storing for future use, which has been the norm.

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    Source: Packaging Digest

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