Emerging Trends in Sustainable Packaging

    At the Utilizing Packaging and its evolving trends to Maximize Profits: Innovation and Sustainability in Packaging conference, Dr. Inka Crosswaite presented on emerging trends in sustainable packaging. Crosswaite identified sustainable packaging trends currently at stores around the world: the power of pouches, recovery labeling, downsizing packaging, new materials, cardboard, refillable packages, recyclable packaging, made from recyclable materials and biodegradable packaging.

    Power of pouches

    Kraft’s YES Pack packaging waste occupies 50% less landfill space. Transportation of film involves 70% fewer CO2 emissions.

    Labelling for recovery

    Modern Spirits uses labels made from 100% post-consumer waste.

    Downsizing product packaging: formats and materials

    Marks & Spencer introduced skin pack for meats which apart from using less material keeps the meat fresher for an extra 5 days and uses less material.

    Downsizing product packaging: concentration

    Compact toilet paper: 12 mega roles equal 48 regular rolls of toilet paper. Charmin claims that if 1 million consumers switched from Regular Charmin to Mega it would save 85 000 gallons of diesel fuel and eliminate 500 000 pounds of trash and packaging.

    New packaging materials

    Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion introduced a plant-based bottle that is made out of sustainable sugarcane-derived plastic. It will consume over 70% less fossil fuels and release over 170% less greenhouse gases per ton.

    The return of paper

    The cardboard can developed by Keienburg in Germany enables a greener and cheaper packaging process for carbonated drinks.

    Reusable and refillable packs

    ‘Reuse. Renew. Rejoice’ is KFC pay off line for their reusable containers which are both dishwasher safe and microwaveable.

    Recyclable packs

    GreenBottle is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable - a 'Planet Friendly' alternative
    to plastic bottles.

    Made from recycled materials

    EarthBoundFarm’s switch saved 424 224 million BTUs of energy, avoided 16 191 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, saved 68 307gallons of water, kept 1 308 623 pounds of solid waste out of the landfill.

    Biodegradable or compostable packs

    SunChips uses 100% compostable packaging for its Original flavour SunChips® snacks.


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