CDF Global Summit brings great minds together……..

    CDF Europe and CDF Corporation along with other global partners has gathered together in Plymouth, Massachusetts, for their first global summit, which has been an unprecedented success.


    Laura Beechwood, Managing Director of CDF Europe, comments, “We have so many great ideas in the world of liquid packaging from 1 litre up to 1000 litre and it was time we all shared those ideas and innovations.  We are fortunate within our company and our partnerships, to have a huge breadth of experience and such diverse packaging minds, last week brought regeneration and new motivation, it’s exciting!”

    CDF Corporation is based in Plymouth, Massachusetts and was built around a basic principle: bring to industrial customers the best in class, liquid packaging, which provides a competitive edge in design, form and function. Over the years, CDF has built upon this, with an unwavering commitment to state of the art manufacturing and customer focus in decision making and investment strategies.

    Beechwood continues, “This Global Summit is just an extension of our core beliefs and with our customers facing both economic and environmental challenges across the globe this meeting of minds and sharing of ideas has never been so important.”

    CDF is a global leader in semi-rigid and flexible liquid packaging for the chemical, petrochemical, cosmetic, food and beverage and industrial markets. With production facilities in the United States, Switzerland, Sweden and Asia, CDF’s customer base now extends over six continents.

    Beechwood concludes “We work collaboratively with our customers to solve systemic packaging problems. What makes CDF Europe unique is our ability to adapt solutions from one industry to meet the needs of another. It is this synergy and sharing that broadens the knowledge base across markets and global territories and so brings real value to our customers.”

    CDF Europe is expected to be launching new products into the European market place as a result of this summit.

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