CDF intermediate bulk container liners ideal for food grade applications

    CDF Corporation offers a full assortment of pillow and form-fit IBC liners for the dairy industry.

    Pillow-shaped liners are excellent general use liners for intermediate bulk containers. Used in containers from 100 to 330 gallons, pillow liners offer versatility and value. Pillow liners are typically constructed with two or three plies of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and a barrier film when used for aseptic and oxygen-barrier applications. When filled, these tote liners form the shape of a pillow. Pillow liners are designed for both viscous and non-viscous food applications.

    Form-fit liners offer IBC fillers and end-users an alternative to pillow liners. Form-fit liners are manufactured to form fit the internal shape of your intermediate bulk container. Form-fit IBC (cube-shaped) liners allow easier filling in square or rectangular intermediate bulk containers and provide high performance in critical applications, such as top-fill applications using a bridge or automated filler; containers with no access doors for placing a liner at the bottom; high speed fills and viscous products that would get caught in the folds of pillow-shaped liners. Form-fit liners are designed for liquids and solids.

    Intermediate bulk container liners offer many benefits over drums and rigid bottle & cage IBC totes. Freight costs for filled IBC liners in totes are 25% less than drums because the cube shape allows more volume per pallet. Users can also lower freight costs by pairing liners with knock down bins that collapse and are stackable; drums and rigid totes are not collapsible and stackable. Drums and rigid IBCs must be rinsed to be reused, whereas liners keep intermediate bulk containers clean, eliminating container cleaning costs, resulting in immediate reuse of the container. Product purity is essential to maintaining food quality; food grade liners preserve and protect food products. Wide options of filling and dispensing components are also available for liners, which can be customized to meet each end user’s needs.

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