Boundless Potential for Cosmetics Packaging

    Sustainability has become an integral part of the beauty business - environmentally intelligent packaging designs are attracting more consumers, satisfy current customers, and create an ethical mission for the company.

    A new perspective on a familiar concept: this is the revolution of compostable packaging is providing says design expert, Leslie Sherr, co-author of the latest book series from Material ConneXion. By incorporating compostable bioplastics based on mycelium, or mushrooms, or technotraf wood packaging from that derives from sustainable forests manufacturers and design experts can open up many possibilities. Sherr adds that how materials are treated and applied is where the potential exists; furthermore, working with the same material in a new way holds immense potential.

    There is no limit to sustainable packaging, and a good place to start is the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, states Sherr. They have a large database that have an extensive list of consumer brands and they understand design innovation.

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    Source: Cosmetics Design

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