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    5 exciting, emerging sustainable packaging materials to watch in 2016

    Every year technology advancements in the packaging industry become more innovative, widespread and tangible. These advancements are key contributors in propelling new safety and sustainability opportunities. Manufacturers and technology providers are working together to provide the most sustainable packaging solutions for end users. Here are some of the latest packaging materials to keep an eye on.


    1. Sustainable Aqueous Barrier Coatings

    New sustainable coatings improve fiber products by preventing moisture from penetrating them material and possibly contaminating food. New sustainable coatings also present alternatives to laminated structures that cannot be recycled.


    1. Molded Fiber Printing

    New technology enables high-res four-color graphics to be applied directly to the molded fiber packaging.


    1. Light Weight Insulation

    There is a new lightweight, durable insulation material for cold and hot applications called Chill Buddy. The packaging material is temperature controlled and offers a sustainable substitute to expanded polystyrene foam.


    1. Micro-Fibrillated Cellulose Specialty Fiber

    Micro-Fibrillated Cellulose is a fiber derived from plant waste. It is used to strengthen and lighten fiber products sustainably; resulting in reduced material with maintained performance,  improved crack resistance and a stronger fiber that is lighter weight.


    1. Micro-Pattern Material Enhancement

    This new technology improves the grip, comfort and handling of hot beverages, while slowing down the condensation process.



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    Source: Packaging Digest

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