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    Flexible Packaging Options

    The flexible packaging industry has recently encapsulated two of the largest concerns for ...

    Keeping your Fluids Cleaner

    The EZ-Strainer for 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon pails are the more efficient way to produce, ...

    CDF's Smart Pail & Cheer Pack pouches selected for Heinz Technology Show

    CDF Corporation will be co-exhibiting with Cheer Pack North America Corporation at the Heinz ...

    CDF exhibiting IBC liners and Cheertainer bag in box at Expo Pack Mexico 2012

    CDF Corporation, a leading manufacturer of liners for drums, pails, intermediate bulk containers ...

    Flexible Options

    Flexible packaging offers considerable value and sustainability benefits.

    CDF Corp liners selected over competitive products after going through NASA’s rigorous testing of material and compatible superiority

    One of NASA main and more well-known program,, the Space Transportation System (STS), more commonly ...
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