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    Top 5 packaging gifts of November 2016

    Here are the top articles about sustainable packaging on in 2016, based on page views:


    5. Why are pouches becoming the go-to package format?

    Have you noticed? It seems like brand owners are putting just about every type of product in flexible packages these days. TerraCycle CEO and regular Packaging Digest contributor Tom Szaky shares a few insights about why in his popular article The ‘pouch-ization’ of the world.

    Is it because of better packaging performance? Consumer convenience? Environmental reasons? Yes, yes and yes.

    But wait! There will be more because, as Szaky says, “Pouches continue to push enhanced functionality and convenience in excitingly fresh ways.”


    4. Is the search for the Holy Grail of sustainable packaging over?

    Sustainable guru Nina Goodrich believes we may have discovered the Holy Grail of sustainable packaging. As director of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and executive director of GreenBlue, Goodrich knows a significant development when she sees it.

    New recyclable barrier films and pouches using Dow's Retain technology are a pretty big deal. But when you also combine that with up-and-coming high-pressure processing (HPP), food companies can do so much more than improve their environmental footprint.

    “I believe that these two innovations combined (package and process) may lead to many new sustainable innovations,” Goodrich enthuses. “This is a huge step towards the circular economy for flexible packaging and a significant opportunity to reduce food waste.”


    3. Riding the wave of sustainable packaging

    With the new year less than one month old, TerraCycle CEO and regular Packaging Digest contributor Tom Szaky (yep, same author of the No.5 article—he's on a roll) outlined 4 sustainable packaging drivers in 2016 and many of you jumped all over these hot trends.

    Szaky explains why he thought clearer labeling, an appeal to the conscious consumer, a boom in bioplastics and the continuation of lightweight packaging would command your attention this year.

    With 2017 looming and new trends to be identified, how do you think Szaky did in calling out the 2016 sustainable packaging trends?


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    Source: Packaging Digest

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