Plastics, a sustainable solution for the future

    Leaders of the European Plastics industry met in Brussels on Wednesday, July 24th to discuss the future of sustainability efforts and the EU investing in its future. Working jointly, Plastics Construction Solutions, European Plastics Converters and PlasticsEurope brought together more than one hundred participants. Opening the conference, Czech Member of European Parliament Martina Dlabajova, Recipient of the 2015 MEP Awards in "Employment and Social Affairs" focused on the plastic industry and employment in the building and construction sector - she focused on the European Commission's agenda on job growth, investment, and energy efficiency.

    She emphasized that the plastic industry brings high-quality jobs to the European Labor market. The building and construction sector is the second biggest market for plastics in the Europe. A demonstration of flooring installation during the conference emphasizes the importance of the role of plastic in modern building. While plastics bring solutions; creating a sustainable ecological line of innovative plastic building supplies is a challenge but an opportunity that the industry can address head on.

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    Source: Packaging Europe

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