Packaging Innovation for Sustainability

    Packaging innovation is occurring with new technology development and new applications of existing technologies to improve packaging performance. Packaging producers are working to displace environmentally inferior materials, reduce product damage during transport, extend product shelf life and improve resource efficiency.

    The Plant PET Technology Collaborative of Coca Cola, Ford, Heinz, Nike and Procter & Gamble is working to replace virgin plastics with plant based PET materials. Another sustainable development is mushroom packaging, which is marketed as a substitute for expanded polystyrene.

    To extend the shelf life of food, Marks & Spencer is adding a small strip of clay and other minerals to the bottom of the plastic strawberry containers. The strip absorbs ethylene delaying ripening and spoilage. Curwood created FreshCase vacuum packaging, which uses a proprietary additive to preserve the bright red color of fresh meat.

    To read more about sustainable packaging innovation, click on the link below.

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