Light weight, big opportunity

    Rigid plastics are one of the main opportunities where a company can be more sustainable without sacrificing quality or lean manufacturing, says Clint Filipowicz, SC Johnson's senior director - regional manufacturing operations Europe, Middle East and Africa. By 2017, the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive will require 57% of plastic packaging to be recovered and recycled.

    In today's environmentally conscious world there is an rising focus on 'sustainable' packaging.  Consumers and manufacturers are seeking packaging that is perceived to have minimal impact on the environment, according to Katherine Fleet, sustainability manager at the RPC Group. "Plastics packaging has generally had a poor reputation as a sustainable packaging material, yet it is lightweight and low carbon" she says. "It helps prevent food waste by protecting produce from 'plot to plate' and extending shelf life. Plastic is also very recyclable. "This last point is important since for many consumers, sustainability is predominantly about recycling or the incorporation of recycled material."

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    Source: Packaging Today

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