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    ISO Certification and Risk Aversion in the Packaging Industry

    How Documentation, Traceability, and Consistency Deliver Top-Quality Packaging 

    Risk aversion—a worthwhile pursuit. While starting with an arguably negative position doesn’t always feel like the most confidence-boosting perspective to lead with, it is absolutely the right mindset to maintain the most robust quality standards for our industrial and flexible packaging products.

    We think of risk aversion as the reverse engineering of our quality process and production approach: figure out what we want to preventand mitigate and eliminate that risk from the onset, so what we do produce attains the highest quality and most consistent standards possible.

    ISO Standards Packaging Risk-Aversion

    The Latest ISO 9001:2015 Certification

    This is in step with our commitment to our ISO 9001:2015 certification. This most recent ISO standard is a forward step in the long history of the past standards and has a new focus on risk assessment, which takes tangible shape as documentation, traceability, and consistency (along with the ISO mainstays of safety, efficiency, and of course, quality).

    Having documentation in place naturally helps to mitigate and avoid risk—stopping it before it starts or remedying it if it appears. Designed to serve all parties involved, the ISO 9001:2015 standard speaks to managing processes, performance, and risk-based thinking and planning—which is geared towards “all stakeholders,” including optimizing performance and service outcomes for customers.

    Covering 8 Areas of Oversight  

    The approach is meant to apply company-wide across multiple management systems and should work as a powerful ally for meeting regulatory compliance in a variety of applications. It covers eight specific areas:

    1. Customer focus
    2. Leadership
    3. Engagement of people
    4. Process approach
    5. System approach to management
    6. Continual Improvement
    7. Evidence-based decision making
    8. Relationship management with supplier and all stakeholders

    Wise Packaging Strategies

    A recent Packaging Strategies article discusses why ISO standards are so important in the packaging industry. Having and adhering to ISO standards communicates to the companies you do business with that you run a fully integrated quality management system, which will yield consistent, reliable results in the manufacturing of your products.

    The article says, “ISO standards can also help to reduce costs in your business by increasing efficiency, open access to new markets with international recognition, and improve environmental performance by reducing your ecological footprint.”

    Packaging Strategies makes some very good points that piggyback on the benefits to customers, and remind us that packaging companies that hold ISO certifications also increase their quality and customer satisfaction profile in a variety of ways:CDF ISO 9001_2105

    • Increases the probability of products arriving safely, reducing damaged
    • Generates more sales
    • Positively affects the reputation and success of the packaging company
    • Helps exceed customer expectations
    • Reduces costs through lean and efficient production management
    • Provides a fully optimized solution to a packaging design brief
    • Helps meet packaging regulations and legislation
    • Solves problems in workflows and boosts productivity
    • Brings an independent perspective to production

    We operate with these sensibilities regardless of the ISO standards—and the ISO standards definitely provide a framework to keep us accountable to as we create and improve processes. This article discusses the 6 quality questions you should ask your flexible packaging supplier. What passing the ISO audit and receiving certification means for customers is that we will systematically lower their risk while ensuring consistent top-quality products and services with all of our intermediate bulk container liners (IBC), bag-in-box, flexible packaging solutions, and high-quality pail liners and drum liners

    Disrupting the Packaging Industry

    We know how important it is for you to consistently deliver the variety of goods our packaging holds: food and beverage, paints, cosmetics, lubricants, and inks, among them. We’re committed to applying comprehensive quality processes to provide you with the superior, innovative packaging CDF is known for.   

    We set out to disrupt the packaging industry with concerted efforts to meet the needs of our customers while also taking care of the planet through our Mindful Packaging initiatives. CDF Corporation has a long history of innovation in flexible packaging, from accordion inserts to unique IBC liner valves. CDF’s high level of expertise and service ensure a reliable partner for custom food packaging. As an ISO 9001:2015 and SQF-certified facility, CDF has your food packaging needs covered. Download our Meta Pail with Smart Pail brochure for more details about this innovative packaging system. For a complete discussion on the innovative and sustainable Meta Pail, take a look here.

    We’d love to talk with you to help optimize your operation with the highest quality packaging available in the industry. Contact us now to see how we can partner to get you the right packaging for your business.  

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