Hot Topics in Flexible Packaging

    As demand grows worldwide for food and pharmaceuticals safety and sustainability are the hot topics, particularly in Europe where the legislative impact on the industry is growing. Packaging is critical for protection and preservation and is becoming more sophisticated and tailored to the market requirements.

    At the same time there is a raised awareness of other issues like sustainability in the supply chain and the critical factor of safety in food contact, which is studied in terms of levels of extractables and leachables in European standards.

    The better the barrier the longer the shelf-life will be for perishable foodstuffs. BASF has recently announced an increase in production of polyamide for packaging, which is a very high barrier material, while Reliance in India has studied nanocomposites for this purpose, and Nippon Gohsei has brought a biodegradable gas barrier polymer to the market. The adhesive interlayer is critical to holding the film structure together and companies such as Yparex are supplying these materials.

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    Source: Packaging Europe

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