Flexible packaging specification guidelines: 9 Tips to help you select the right film for your flexible packaging

    1. Specify the properties that matter in converting and end use so the supplier can produce consistent film structures.
    2. Flexible packaging development requires an integrated approach that needs all elements in place to work; therefore you must break down the project into the essential elements.
    3. Focus on understanding and quantifying the package’s real requirements.
    4. Find the film that matches your exact requirements and applications; test the film to confirm its performance abilities.
    5. Quantify what film the supplier can manufacture consistently and efficiently.
    6. Notify the supplier if the film doesn’t work for your application or use.
    7. Confirm the delivered product is cost efficient.
    8. Carefully review and understand all the costs involved.
    9. Be realistic about the cost; low price is not equivalent to great quality.

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    Source: Packaging World

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