Flexible Packaging Makes Cosmetics Companies Look Beautiful

    While you're busy helping people look beautiful, flexible packaging makes you look brilliant. What could be better? It also saves space, money and reduces carbon emissions.

    There's a growing trend toward flexible packaging for cosmetics and other industries, according to Smithers Pira packaging experts. Consumer demand is one reason. But the benefits for manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers show that it's more than just a trend or a fad; it's the future.

    Which Cosmetics Markets Need Flexible Packaging?

    One of the greatest things about flexible packaging is that it's adaptable for so many different types of products. It's ideal for containing and dispensing liquids. But it's also a good solution for creams, lotions, and powders.

    Tanning salons love flexible packaging for products such as spray-tan liquids, oils, and tanning lotions. Here are a few other markets where flexible materials are a boon:

    • Cosmetics manufacturers
    • Contract filling and co-packing operations
    • Cosmetic processing plants
    • Wholesale suppliers
    • Cosmetic distributors
    • Salons

    Why is Flexible Better Than Rigid or Semi-Rigid?

    Flexible bag-in-box packaging offers variety in the bag type used as well as bag materials. For example, CDF offers pillow style and form-fit bags for bag-in-box containers. And they're available in several different bag thicknesses and materials, such as high-barrier co-extruded nylon/EVOH and a polyethylene/oriented nylon blend.

    Flexible packaging is light and portable, much more so than rigid or semi-rigid containers. It uses less shelf space in a salon, warehouse or freight vehicle. Transportation costs go down when you make the switch to flexible from rigid or semi-rigid, which also reduces your carbon footprint.

    Flexible packaging A great product is only as good as its delivery to the end user.

    What are the Most Important Benefits For Cosmetics?

    A beautiful product only matters if it remains beautiful until the end-user receives it. Flexible packaging gives unsurpassed product freshness, quality, and purity. That's why CDF only uses allergen-free, FDA-approved resins in our container manufacturing process. We're also ISO 9001:2008 compliant, which gives you peace of mind.

    With some products, the dispensing methods affect product integrity. With flexible materials, you can choose from several packaging designs and taps that evacuate more product. There's no need to scrub the containers, either.

    Flexible packaging keeps lotions, creams, tanning sprays and many other cosmetic products fresh and safe from contamination. They're smaller and lightweight, which aligns with the packaging industry's "lightweighting" goals. And they're easy to fill and dispense.

    Whether you want small containers or large, if you're packaging shampoo, body oil or cosmetic powders, flexible materials quickly adapt. They can take on nearly any shape and dispense cosmetic products with less waste than rigid containers.

    Our customer service representatives work directly with you to design and produce a container that meets all of your needs. And that's a beautiful thing, indeed. Download our Bag-In-Box brochure to learn why the possibilities are endless.

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