Cosmetic packaging: Need for green overhaul?

    Cosmetic companies are making slow progress in reducing their packaging footprints. Although the cosmetics industry has become preoccupied with green initiatives, few steps have been made to tackle the environmental impact of packaging.

    According to Organic Monitor most developments are occurring in ecodesign, with many companies reducing packaging materials by changing design structures. Most changes in packaging design are only leading to an incremental decrease in packaging materials. In some cases, any ecological benefits from less packaging material are offset by higher unit sales. More radical solutions involving materials are necessary to make significant changes to the packaging impact of cosmetic products.

    Few developments are occurring in packaging materials. Even though some cosmetic companies are experimenting with sustainable materials like bamboo and wood, plastic packaging still prevails. High raw material costs and inadequate waste disposal methods give plastic packaging a very high environmental footprint. Plant-based plastics have yet to make headway in cosmetic applications.

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    Source: Word Press Online

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