Consumer behaviour and sustainability - what you need to know

    The difference between ethical supply chain and consumers shopping with their head. While sustainability speaks to the heart of the consumer because they feel they are doing good, consumers shop with their head. This means the style, quality, and price are factors in the decision making. Furthermore, what is going to inspire the consumer to purchase a product that is socially conscious versus one that did not have an ethical, sustainable narrative. Moreover, while the term sustainability can be misleading, its always wise to have a narrative. Telling a story as to why the product went down one route and ensured the claim has substance. For example, in some plastic films the technology in use that allows for a long shelf life for the product. Food waste, which is a sustainability issue, can be alleviated with the packaging technologies. While this packaging style has received a bad rap, it is often less impactful since it has the potential to minimize waste.

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    Source: The Guardian

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