All things equal, green is preferred

    Green Street Up, a network of suppliers who specialize in cartons and boxes made from agricultural byproducts, collected some insight into how consumers view agricultural byproduct packaging. The study was conducted using a well-known cereal brand, the study presented test subjects with the company’s current box and a box made with sugarcane bagasse with on package markings. The only information given was the artwork on the front of the box, information on the cereal, and the in store shelf price. The results were eco-packaging can significantly influence the consumers; the purchase preference came back 6-1, favoring the bagasse box.

    On product description is critical to influencing the purchaser’s decision. Avoiding generic terms like, “eco-friendly,” “green,” and “sustainable,” in favor of using more specific yet easily understood phrases was highly influential. Lastly, green is preferred as long as it doesn’t cost more. The last part of the test, if the products were exactly the same but the cost of the bagasse box was 10% higher; unmistakably the vote was the stock box over the bagasse box.

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