5 top global packaging trends

    These top global packaging trends are opportunities for packaging your product in 2013 and beyond.


    Sustainability is still an important topic for consumers globally. Consumers expect manufacturers and retailers to include green characteristics in their products without increasing the price of the product. Consumers have become more skeptical and need help determining if a product’s green claims are true. In sustainability’s new role, consumers look to companies to provide a platform that allows them to make a difference, to do something they might not be able to do on their own.

    Authentic, credible, traceable

    Packaging is an opportunity to provide information about locale and traceability and re-establish the connection between the consumer and the brand.


    Packaging continues to be a very important part of branding. Packaging allows companies to amplify a brand’s essence, connect with a brand’s heritage, pique interest in a trial or purchase, demonstrate brand value and allows consumers to express themselves through choice.

    Shoppers manage their budgets

    Research shows that shopping behavior has changed in response to the economic situation. More consumers are making “just in time” purchases, with fewer pantry loading. Smaller, easier to carry packs with smaller price points hold potential for Europe, the United States and in many emerging markets. Flexible packaging is poised to play a huge role in Asia for the smaller snacks and bakery items.

    Wellness: What shoppers seek

    Making it easier for consumers to find what they are looking for is crucial. In the health and wellness category calling out key benefits or ingredients makes it easier for the consumer to find the product they are looking for. Beauty and personal care consumers are focused on beauty enhancing benefits.

    Source: Packaging Digest May 2013

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