3 things you may not know about sustainable packaging, but should

    1. Cutting back too much on packaging can do more harm than good

    Jeff Wooster of Dow Chemical says decreasing the amount of corrugate you use in packaging a product may seem green, but could result in damaged product during transport. The outcome of a damaged product is loss of revenue and wasted energy and resources.

    2. Recycled materials usually aren’t as durable as non-recycled ones

    The higher the percentage of recycled material in cardboard, the weaker it will be; therefore recycled corrugate may not be as efficient in protecting your product. When paper is recycled its fibers are shortened, making it structurally weaker than non-recycled paper.

    3. Paper isn’t always better than plastic

    There is a misperception that because paper is natural and biodegradable that it is a greener product than plastic. However, sustainability takes into consideration how much energy and other resources are used to create products. A paper shopping bag’s manufacturing process uses more energy and water and releases more greenhouse gas than the manufacturing process of a plastic bag.

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    Source: Entrepreneur

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