Packaging for food & beverage companies


When your customers need it pure and secure...

If you're in this industry, you know that ensuring product integrity, system efficiency and environmental responsibility are essential in the packaging, storing and shipping of food and beverage products.

We know from experience that our customers in the food and beverage business are not only concerned with protecting their products, but also in protecting themselves and their customers from liability.  

How can CDF help food and beverage manufacturers?

When it comes to food packaging, we’ve got you covered:
· ISO 9001:2008 registered
· SQF Level 2 certified with active HACCP plans
· Food safety culture with over 30 quality and food safety programs in place at our manufacturing facilities
· Use film compliant with FDA regulations and no allergens are used in our process
· Compliant with all applicable local, state and federal regulations including 21CFR110 (GMP)
· Perform in-process inspections
· Order what you need, full truck loads are not required
· Manufactures standard and custom liners for IBCs, bag-in-box, drums and pails
· One stop shop for expert information, parts and service regarding packaging, shipping and dispensing your product

Is CDF the right packaging partner for your food and/or beverage product?

CDF’s years of experience as a leader and innovator of new designs and custom packaging solutions allows us to meet the special needs of customers not met by traditional products, such as cans, bottles and jars. At CDF, we take pride in working closely with customers to develop packaging solutions that satisfy the most demanding and unique applications.

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