The best option for flexible food packaging? It’s in the bag.

boxbag.pngBag-in-box is the ideal packaging solution for food and beverage applications requiring SQF certification. CDF offers both Cheertainer® form-fit and pillow styles to meet all your bag-in-box needs.

Bag-in-Box Performance Benefits

  • Collapses easily compared to rigid and semi-rigid containers
  • Dispenses without glugging and surging
  • Superior seam strength
  • Less mess filling and distributing
  • Closed filling system
  • Reduced foaming and splashing
  • UN certified

Cube-shaped containers remain open before filling, whereas the Cheertainer® is a closed container prior to filling by having the fitment in the dust cap position. The Cheertainer®’s closed container lessens the chance of contamination.

CDF bag-in-box liners are suitable for use with manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic fill lines. Sizes range from one liter (0.26 gal) to 25 liters (6.6 gal). Custom sizes are available.

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