Meta® Pail with Smart Pail Inside: Revolutionary Packaging Solution

The Meta® Pail is a semi-rigid, vacuum-formed, plastic pail insert with a hermetically sealed peel-reseal laminated film lid, housed within an 8-sided corrugated Meta container. Meta Pail transports semi-viscous, solid, and most liquid products currently shipped in plastic pails.

Lower your operational, storage, handling, and transportation supply chain costs with Meta KD8 with Smart Pail inside—some benefits include:
  • Knock-down, 8-sided corrugated container saves space and resources—from storage and handling to transportation costs; easy assembly with or without mandrel
  • 33% savings on transportation costs: 16,200 inserts per truck vs. typical 6,500 plastic pails incoming
  • Improve storage: 48 filled units per pallet in same footprint on 40 x 48” pallet (typical 36 plastic pails); weighs approximately 60% less than a plastic pail
  • Ensure absolute purity of your product; unique tamper-evident lidding film
  • Lid film has excellent oxygen barrier and is easily peel resealable for storage—reduces lid cost and contamination; easy open and close, with lidding options
  • Easy handling throughout the supply chain: set-up; knock down; product filling, dispensing, and sanitary storage; disposal, and recycling
  • Better branding options with 8-sided box
  • Manual, semi-automatic equipment options available based on operations size and production volume

Sustainability: saving the environment and your bottom line:

  • Less disposal volume, easier to recycle: 4 collapsed Smart Pails fit into the space of 1 five-gallon plastic pail
  • Reduced impact on climate change (CO2 emissions) by 52% over rigid pails
  • 72% less solid waste than rigid pails
Disruptive Innovation

Consider this: you can make changes in your supply chain that will set you apart from competitors, providing you and your customers with efficiencies and growth opportunities. Mid- to low-volume producers can compete like the bigger companies, thanks to this disrupter in bulk packaging that is replacing 5-gallon plastic pails—designed to serve an operation with your volume requirements.

Find out how two innovative technologies integrate to replace plastic pails! Download your copy of the Meta Pail brochure now.