CDF UN-Certified Bag-in-Box

CDF’s UN-certified bag-in-box meets all UN requirements and is certified by a third-party lab following the Department of Transportation guidelines. CDF’s UN-certified bag-in-box design requirements endure the four rigorous performance tests: drop, stacking, vibration, and cobb water absorption.

CDF UN-Certified Bag-in-Box Performance Benefits

  • Replaces many rigid packages—uses significantly less plastic and on average, costs notably less than a similar capacity rigid container, including cube-shaped inserts and containers, cans, and plastic pails.
  • Utilizes manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic fill lines for form-fit bags.
  • Collapses easily to a virtually flat bag and box, minimizing shipping and warehouse space requirements.
  • Dispenses without surging or glugging.
  • Provides excellent quality and storage security against leakage with superior seam strength.
  • Fills without air, eliminating foaming and splashing.

Having passed rigorous testing, CDF’s UN-certified bag-in-box allows you to transport a wide array of goods domestically and internationally. Read this data sheet to learn more about CDF’s UN-certified bag-in-box packaging and how it will help you keep your business moving.